For the last year and a half, Hannah Wants has been battling breast cancer — but she has kept it on the down low until today.

Now that she feels comfortable enough to share her story, the world renowned DJ is finally opening up about her eye-opening journey and why it has changed her life for the better. In a deeply personal and revealing statement, Hannah begins her message to fans and supporters.

“It’s exactly 18 months to the date I found out I had breast cancer. I DJ’d at my U.K. tour date in Cardiff that very night and in Bournemouth the next day. On March 14th I had surgery and I completed my U.K. tour in Birmingham on March 18th – yes I was very sore the next day! Although I DJ’d and danced like I was happy and fine the reality was my world had just turned upside down…”

She continues: “If there was any type of person who epitomized the ‘It’ll never happen to me’ attitude it was me. Rarely ill, strong minded, positive, never smoked, not overweight, fit and healthy (or so I thought). Too busy living my dream that never once did I stop to reflect on my reality. “

For Hannah, this battle runs much deeper than her diagnosis, or health and wellness — it’s spiritual. Looking back, she realizes she had been chronically stressed for years and she believes pressure she put on herself was affecting her at a “cellular level.” From diet and exercise, to the products she uses, to the drinks she passes up, and the mentality she keeps, it seems everything is changing for Hannah.

There’s definitely something for everyone to take away here. Read the entire statement below and be sure to send some encouragement Hannah’s way.

Hannah Wants – “My Truth”


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