Ravers truly do come from all walks of life, and what you see at the event is likely not what that person represents during the day. But for Miss Michigan Emily Sioma, also a member of the Cult Of Rezz, she chose to make an important statement during her introduction about the water crisis in her state. And now, the video is going viral.

Sioma told ABC News that “it wasn’t a very spur of the moment decision,” as she’d contemplated making the statement for days leading up to that moment.

“I had this gut feeling that if I didn’t make it into the top 15, I would never have a chance to be able to speak on national television about something that was important to me, or to make the moment meaningful.

“I just really wanted to make sure people understood this isn’t just about Flint anymore. It still is about Flint but it’s about the communities across the state that are impacted by contaminated water,” Sioma said.

Sioma didn’t make it to the next round of competition, but she certainly left her mark in her own way.

Rezz even shouted her out on Twitter.


Photo via Rukes.com