Drugs and dependency are common topics of concern in the music industry, especially just recently. It’s easy to overlook weed during these discussions, because it’s widely used as a safe way to medicate and chill out. But, Mat Zo is here to let us know that even marijuana can take its toll.

“I always feel like everyone around me is so mature and I’m still a child cus I haven’t stopped smoking weed for 14 years,” he opens up on Twitter. “If anything I feel like I’ve regressed.”

No one would know it by hearing his amazing work. He’s a real production wizard, a creative genius, and regardless of whether he smokes or not — Mat Zo seems to have it together. But when it comes to touring, he admits weed is a crutch.

In fact, he says the substance has “robbed” him of at least one thing, his ability to interact with people normally. Zo remarks that it has gotten “to the point where fans come up to me and comment on my social awkwardness.”

This is another example of that common theme, that we’re all striving to find balance in our lives. Hopefully reading this helps someone. Thanks for sharing, Mat.

Mat Zo On Weed Dependency


Photo via Rukes.com