You know that feeling when an ID has you up late at night? That 10 or 15 seconds you just captured from the show is playing on a loop and you’re thinking, “What is this?!”

That’s exactly what happened to a Kaskade fan a couple of nights ago — still awake in the middle of the night and obsessing over an unreleased track, she decided to take to Twitter. She called out to a community of Kaskade lovers and the man himself to identify the mystery song. Soon enough, she got a response.

“ID: Odesza – Falls (Kaskade Remix),” Kaskade said. “You might recognize the voice on the song… I worked with [Sasha Sloan] on the Automatic album. Remember the song Phoenix?”

Well, that explains it. A track with Odesza and Kaskade in the mix is nothing short of magical! Listen to a glimpse of the “Falls” remix below and experience A Moment Apart all over again if you’re craving more of this beautiful soundscape.

Odesza – Falls (Kaskade Remix)


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