Martin Garrix hits a bunch of positive points today with the release of his new song “Burn Out.” First off, it’s his Justin Mylo collaboration which has long been anticipated by fans; and second, for good reason: it’s absolutely fantastic. This could easily be Garrix’s best song of the year.

Lastly, the release comes as part of the announcement of Martin’s partnership with AXE in launching their new platform AXE Music.

‘’I am very honored to be part of the AXE Music platform roll out. I love the campaigns AXE has done in the past and when we all met in my studio, I felt a great connection, which is super important for me in collaborations like this. I am super happy with the result of the video for my new single ‘Burn Out,'” Martin Garrix says.

The partnership is rolling out with the launch of a limited-edition Martin Garrix body spray today in key Latin American markets as well as The Netherlands.

Listen to “Burn Out” by Martin Garrix & Justin Mylo featuring Dewain Whitmore below.


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