Skrillex will soon be back changing the game again!

Just yesterday, his very own imprint OWSLA celebrated seven years since its establishment. Friends of the label took to social media to say “Happy Birthday” and share their memories, Skrillex included. But, one update in particular has stirred up some excitement.

Audio engineer Randy Urbanski (@urboengineering) uploaded a stream of photos just for the occasion and an important message to go with it, which has Reddit talking.

“Time [flies] when you’re having fun,” he wrote. “And this year was slow. Can’t wait till this guy is back changing the game next month.”

After Skrillex’s break from the industry, we’re so thirsty for his next album that we want to believe that’s the case here. However, if you take a look at his tour schedule, he starts back up on September 22 in Melbourne, Australia and runs through New Year’s Eve. “Back” in this case probably means playing shows again. But we’ll take it!

If he wants to change the game with a new album while he’s at it, we won’t be mad either. Stay tuned.

Skrillex Comeback Next Month

🚨🚂 GET READY 🚂🚨 (Posted by audio engineer Randy Urbanski / @urboengineering) from skrillex


Photo via Jas Davis