Louis Futon and Medasin have a very special treat for fans today. By popular demand, the producers have unleashed their brand new flip of Travis Scott‘s “Wake Up,” which can only be described as pure ear candy.

If “Wake Up” wasn’t already stuck in your head, it’s about to be — that is, if Louis Futon and Medasin have anything to do with it. These producers meet in the middle for a drool-worthy blend of tropical synths, flavorful percussion, and just enough switch ups to keep things interesting.

Travis Scott’s smooth delivery is met with a nonchalant production, with complexities that sound so effortless. The added melodies and rhythm make “Wake Up” more infectious than ever. Dare we say these producers flip this track into something that’s even better?!

From now on, it might be difficult to listen to the original without feeling like something is missing. Enjoy!

Travis Scott – Wake Up (Louis Futon & Medasin Flip)