When we hear Cashmere Cat, our ears immediately perk up — but this new remix is like catnip!

Being a feline of few words, Cashy simply shares, “playing a new song :)” in the post below. Cashmere Cat takes something beautiful, and fragile, and makes it his own for a very special, rather flawless remix.

The song he plays out is an unmistakable blend of XXXTentacion‘s dreamlike “Moonlight” and the producer’s own pleasing interpretation of the track. Soft, delicate, oh-so-Cashmere sounds drip out the speakers as he plays for a pretty hype crowd.

Although he led a controversial personal life, there’s no denying what an impact XXXTentacion made as an artist — and still is making now. Just yesterday, he and Lil Peep’s posthumous release “Falling Down” came out and wowed us all.

XXX passed on June 18, 2018. Lil Peep died on November 15, 2017. RIP.

Cashmere Cat “Moonlight” Remix