It seems at this point that fans must come to terms with Zedd’s new pop-heavy style, as releases like “The Middle,” “Stay,” and “Happy Now” have historically performed well on the charts and have likely made the producer tons of dough. However, much like with The Chainsmokers, we can always count on remix packs for singles to scratch that EDM itch.

On the official remix EP for “Happy Now,” every single track manages to outshine the original. Let’s be clear – the original is good in its own way. But for dance music stans, it definitely misses the mark by a wide margin.

The EP begins with a remix from Marc Benjamin, a name which should be familiar to progressive house fans. His remix, on the other hand, explores a more electro trap side that is definitely addictive. BEAUZ brings a more future trap sound to the mix while Duke & Jones go wildly experimental with theirs.

MXXWLL brings the tempo down and the vibes way, way up with a jazzy interpretation that makes brilliant use of Elley Duhé’s as it’s slightly pitched down and modulated for a clubbier effect. Lastly, Magnificence brings us back to the experimental side with a bit of wonky house music.

There isn’t a single remix on the EP I wanted to skip and that’s saying a lot. Check them all out below!


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