Paul Oakenfold just became the first DJ to ever play at Stonehenge!

Many iconic acts including the Rolling Stones and Led Zeppelin have asked for permission to play there, but all have been politely declined up until last Thursday’s performance. Maybe it was Paul Oakenfold‘s pull as one of the world’s greatest DJs, or the way he pitched a set that would bring awareness to the stunning monument. Most likely, it was the total package he presented.

Silent disco technology was used to keep the party respectful and the great stones of the prehistoric monument were tastefully lit up to complement the sunset. Showcasing a range of music, everything from Lana Del Rey to U2 to The Weeknd, Oakenfold played a people-pleasing set.

To finish, he premiered a new track, fittingly titled “Stonehenge.” He also invited Carl Cox, another true legend, to join him on the decks to cap off the night.

“It was wonderful,” he modestly revealed to CNN. “It was a very unique show.”

Oakenfold’s entire set will soon release digitally, with proceeds going to English Heritage. More info on the cause here.

Paul Oakenfold “Rocking Out” at Stonehenge (CNN)

Legendary DJ plays at Stonehenge

Iconic DJ Paul Oakenfold has become the first ever-artist allowed to play at one of the oldest ruins in the world.

Posted by CNN Connect the World on Monday, September 17, 2018


Photo via Tomorrowland