Alex Lustig follows up his dreamlike Wave002 EP with an unexpectedly heavy banger, “Dark.”

The Belgian producer is known to keep his music on the chill side, but his capabilities go far beyond what we typically hear on his SoundCloud page. Behind the scenes, Lustig has worked with some of hip hop’s finest, including Young Thug, MGK, OVO’s Baka Not Nice and more.

Now, we finally get to hear some of that style come through on his own release. “Dark” leans on those trap influences for a bold, striking production all its own. The track doesn’t go overboard with crazy theatrics, or exaggerated builds and drops. It centers around a beat that hits straight in your chest. “Dark” exists in a steady space that’s easy to take in and almost impossible to not repeat. 

“I’ve produced a lot of trap and hip hop for many artists before doing my own thing,” Lustig explains. “Always loved trap, thought it was time I dropped a banger.”

DJ/producers out there will be happy to know this one is available for free download. Get up to speed on Alex Lustig, because he’s about to take the scene by storm.

Dark – Alex Lustig

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