I’ve seen all manner of music videos from all levels of budgets in my days, but this new video for “Imma Be A Raver” by Yultron exceeds any and all expectations I might have had. It is without a doubt one of my favorite music videos of 2018, and you only need to watch it once to understand why.

The entire ethos of the track itself, “imma be a raver till the mothafuckin day I die,” is conveyed with exceptional clarity and ease. A wise, older raver begins a domino effect of transformations from mundane to PLUR-tastic throughout the video, a cascading effect of raver-dom and free spirit.

Beyond the obvious visual imagery, the song pounds on with reckless abandon to the effects it has on those who are within earshot. It’s brilliantly directed by Max Goodrich and Alessandro Chille and an astounding example of form following aesthetic.

Watch the video premiere via Your EDM here, and catch Yultron at prom next Friday in San Francisco. Tickets available here.