Mickey Kojak has unleashed his most tripped-out production to date with “All That Acid.”

The multifaceted producer originally set out to make a track that was “excessive, fun and easy to remember” — and this is what he came up with. A delightful, face-melting electronic anthem described as more of a shout-along than a sing-along.

“All That Acid” colors outside the lines to deliver something fresh and exciting, but also familiar enough to get down to. The single is definitely reminiscent of the early rave scene. Perhaps it will even bring to mind some of the music that got you into dance music in the first place.

Although this song centers around acid, Kojak pleads “don’t do drugs” to the new single.

Furthermore, the press release states: Mickey Kojak does not endorse the consumption of lysergic acid diethylamide or any other hallucinogens, and by pressing play on “All That Acid”, you relieve him of all responsibility for any heinous activities or existential crises that may occur as a result of listening to this song. Please make sure to read the full disclaimer below.*

Listen to Mickey Kojak’s new one here and hit the links to explore his diverse collection of music.

Mickey Kojak – All That Acid

*Mickey Kojak takes no responsibility for any “bad juju” that comes as a result of listening to this song. Examples of bad juju include but are not limited to: thinking the devil is bursting out of your knee caps, seeing an apparition of yourself who has come from the future to warn you of how you will die, thinking you might have pissed yourself but aren’t entirely sure because you’ve lost the concept of wet and dry and any anxiety that might ensue, having to deal with an actual situation with real humans that is so unfathomable that you’re almost certain it isn’t happening, delusions of being able to fly/read minds/become invisible, thinking everyone around you is a lizard, forgetting the English alphabet but being able to speak Italian perfectly etc.

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