It’s hard to believe that k?d has only just now released his very first EP – then again, we just went through this with Ekali last week, so perhaps it isn’t that surprising after all. Releasing a collection of music is no longer necessary for artists in this streaming climate, but artistically, a full body of work like an EP or album can still hold significance.

The new 6-track EP Find Paradise from k?d is a flurrying display of all the styles that he has shown in the past, as well as some that he hasn’t. It’s dubstep, it’s future bass, it’s dizzying drum & bass and so much more. While “Electronic Memories” works as a brilliant intro track to the EP, with dazzling future bass and fitting vocals from Mickey Kojak, the second track “Creator’s Flower” is more like a years-long journey.

And where “Creator’s Flower” was quite frenetic, “Polluted Blood” is far more subdued as restrained, at least until about 70% of the way into the track. Though not labeled as an interlude, it more or less serves that purpose as it leads into the more dense “Find Paradise.” Brandishing beautiful Porter-esque vibes, it’s easily one of the best tracks on the EP.

“Tokyo” brings back the chaotic sounds of “Creator’s Flower” with a bit more intent, transitioning into a fast-paced electro house, and finishing up with the pounding “Destroy The Universe.”

Overall, it seems k?d has found his stride as a producer and artist, and Find Paradise is a fine example of how far he’s come in not even two years. Check it out below.