Drug smugglers are having to become more and more creative with their methods of transportation. A new report from the Australian Border Force states that officers found over half a tonne (approximately 1100 pounds) or MDMA in “sausage-making machines” in Sydney. The meat-mincing machines were found on a shipment from Turkey in September. The street value of the find was around $40 million USD, enough to make around 1.7 million pressed pills.

The operation was taken over by Australian Federal Police (AFB) who replaced the stash with counterfeit drugs and set up a sting operation to uncover any culprits directly related to the drugs. Three men were arrested at a supermarket in Auburn, New South Wales who are said to be part of a “larger syndicate.”

“Had this [MDMA] seizure made its way to Australian streets, countless lives would have been affected,” said Federal police Detective Superintendent Kirsty Schofield.

“Seizures like this don’t address the issues of demand … but stopping almost half a tonne goes a long way to reducing the harm these drugs can cause our communities.”


via Mixmag