The Swedish House Mafia hype is real. Once again, cryptic posters have appeared signaling the group’s much-anticipated return, this time in their homeland of Stockholm, Sweden.

The poster design captured in the photo below features the same imagery SHM shared on socials a while back. In a possible collaboration with Nike, the new posters feature three swooshes, the word “Stockholm” x three, and an image of a model that remind of visuals used during their reunion performance at Ultra Miami in 2018.

Earlier this summer an Axwell Λ Ingrosso billboard for their single “Dancing Alone” would strategically glitch out, only to launch a loading screen that flashed three iconic dots — which symbolize SHM. Honestly, at this point, three of almost anything triggers Swedish House Mafia talk, including these Nike swooshes.

Axwell Λ Ingrosso’s project will be put on the back burner while they work on Swedish House Mafia. “[We] will actually put it on the shelf,” Ingrosso previously explained. “As I usually say, there are three dots, it’s not two plus a dot. But we will definitely still do our individual stuff.”

With a 2019 tour on the horizon, the group certainly has our undivided attention. All aboard the Swedish House Mafia hype train!

Swedish House Mafia Posters


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