Former Dash Berlin member Jeffrey Sutorius has already announced his split from the group. He has even officially launched a solo project under his own name. Now, he’s providing another statement following the massive career switch up, detailing his side of how things went down. From his perspective, severe mismanagement ultimately led to the split.

“I’ve always been open as who I am and how I feel,” he starts out. “Not only as an artist but also as a human being. That is why it broke my heart when Eelke and Sebastiaan cut me off from my social media channels last June and that I could not share my feelings with the fans.”

In a new interview with DJ Mag, he goes onto describe the show cancellations, his own health issues, and differences that brewed between fellow Dash Berlin members Eelke Kalberg and Sebastiaan Molijn, as well as the Vanderkleij Agency. Eventually, the name Dash Berlin was allegedly registered under their names and Sutorius was left out, forcing him to separate from the group.

“So the only way of communicating left to me to be able to inform the outside world about what was happening, was to release a press statement where I addressed the core of my decision. To add insult to injury, Eelke and Sebastiaan filed a claim against me that by not fulfilling the shows that were booked at that time, I was breaking a contract, and they wanted to force me to continue touring, or else I would have to pay a penalty of EUR 100,000 per day that I refused to do so. Eventually, the court denied that claim.”

All the messy stuff aside, the producer has set his focus on making new music. “I want to achieve things as Jeffrey Sutorius that Dash Berlin never accomplished,” he says. “The world is my oyster. And I like oysters! I am making new music, and I am beyond thrilled to share this with the world, with the fans. To tell my story and to share it. And to make everyone understand, I am EDM: Emotional Dance Music.”

Sutorius’ full statement via DJ Mag outlines the alleged mismanagement and his plans for the future.


Source: DJ Mag