It was only days ago that deadmau5 was in the news for being accused of making transphobic and homophobic statements on Twitter. He deleted the tweets and apologized, but he’s now in hot water for another reason.

During a recent gaming stream, during which he was listening to music, he listened to a song from Slushii which he then proceeded to called “AIDS music” and “autistic shit.”

Slushii, who is actually on the autism spectrum, responded on Twitter, “This is really disappointing.”

While deadmau5 is not the type to ever have society dictate how he speaks or the words he uses, he is also more at risk than ever of being held accountable for those words. With recent movements behind political correctness gaining significant steam, many of deadmau5’s remarks could be taken with malice or ill-intent, even though long-time fans of his know he just has no filter and doesn’t have any malicious intent.

Regardless, being aware of how the words you use affects others is a basic human skill that deadmau5 has seemingly failed to master. Watch the clip below.


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