Eventbrite is facing a class action lawsuit over the huge data breach that occurred with their subsidiary Ticketfly.

Back in June, Ticketfly acknowledged that the data of 27 million users was compromised as part of a massive hack. The website was blacked out for a time and read, “Ticketfly HacKeD By IsHaKdZ.”

According to the lawsuit, Ticketfly “let its customers languish in ignorance as to the real risk of irreversible privacy harms.” Furthermore, Ticketfly “failed to prevent, detect, or otherwise act in a reasonable manner or within a reasonable time.” This put confidential personal information including names, home and business addresses, phone number, email addresses and passwords at risk.

Plaintiff Shanice Kloss claims her and other users are subject to ongoing misuse of information, fraudulent charges, and even identity theft due to the data breach. In addition, she says she suffered mental anguish over the whole ordeal.

The lawsuit is seeking damages and calls for Eventbrite to step up its security game. The suit states the company should provide identity fraud monitoring services for customers targeted by the hack. Also, preventative measures and enhanced security to combat future cyberattacks.


Source: Billboard