After months of leaks and rumors, Google has finally, officially unveiled the Pixel 3 phone. While we could direct you straight to Google’s keynote address, we’d rather focus on the initial impressions from tech enthusiast MKBHD, someone who wouldn’t be tempted to pull any punches.

Right off the bat, most of the hardware rumors are true. There are some new colors, the back is entirely glass (which also makes it a bit heavier) with some “frosted” area for more texture, and the left edge is completely blank of any buttons as the sim card slot has been moved to the bottom.

And then there’s the notch… thankfully it’s not present on the base 3 model, but it’s seriously intrusive on the XL. There is no headphone jack and no room for expandable storage.

There’s also a lot of neat software exclusive to the Pixel 3 like Top Shot, Night Sight, Super-Res Zoom, and more. You can watch just the software features here.

$799: Pixel 3
$899: Pixel 3 XL

Watch the full breakdown below.