Talk about a blistering release pace… it was only three weeks ago that Deathpact put out their debut EP, Cipher One, and they’re already back with a follow-up single, “Formality.” Many would take a little time to allow an EP to really marinade in the minds of fans, but Deathpact’s strategy seems to be to overload with flavor.

Unfortunately, I’m not entirely sure that strategy is working in Deathpact’s favor here. There’s very little to set “Formality” apart from any of the tracks that came before it, aside from some quirky samples and a goofy rhythm. It still fits neatly into that midtempo/electro sound that he’s been pushing since the beginning, and there doesn’t seem to be much growth sonically.

That being said, fans of the Deathpact sound are sure to be pleased with another quality track in the same vein as those that have come before it. Listen to “Formality” below.