ADE will be sort of like Christmas morning x 5 for Martin Garrix fans, as he hints at five new productions over Oct 17 – Oct 21.

Our first clue comes from the Martin Garrix Hub, a reliable source for all things related to the superstar DJ/producer. The cryptic video share features a large “Plus” sign before glitching out into five symbolic squares. In Swedish House Mafia fashion, this looks like Garrix is revealing five new tracks coming soon.

It’s the same symbol found on his official website, the gif transitions into five distinct static boxes. An earlier tweet from the Hub with multiple “hi five” emojis also reinforces the idea of “five” having something to do with Garrix’s announcement.

The tracklist for the EP was uploaded to r/MartinGarrix, though with no official source it was difficult to take it as credible information at the time. However, Martin Garrix has since tweeted, confirming that the leak was legitimate, meaning that we’ll finally be getting one of the most sought-after Martin Garrix collabs ever… “Waiting For Tomorrow” with Mike Shinoda.

It’s safe to say there are just three days between us and new music from Martin Garrix. Stay tuned.

Martin Garrix ‘Plus’

Martin Garrix ‘Plus’: Leaked from Martingarrix



Photo via Tomorrowland