The first Rezz Rocks went down last night and it looked nothing short of incredible. We say “first” because we expect there to be many more. And, we say “nothing short of incredible,” because just look at the videos below — including one that features a new ID.

As footage of the epic night at Red Rocks begins to flood our Twitter feed, we’re delighted to hear the sound of unreleased music. The top video shows off what fans believe is a new ID from Rezz, perhaps even a new collaboration. While her music can often times feel relaxed and hypnotic, this one goes in hard.

The glitchy surprise is just one way Space Mom took her production to the next level last night.
She brought along the “biggest LED screen Red Rocks could have” and a “floating eyeball visual with tentacles.” So much yes.

“Best night of my life. Can’t believe this. Thank you so much,” Rezz echoed on socials following the performance.

She has announced plans to upload the entire set in high quality for the world to see, so be on the lookout. In the meantime, there is much to be seen. Watch below and dig through even more Rezz Rocks footage here.

Rezz Rocks ID

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