Daft Punk hasn’t blessed us with new music in years, but they certainly haven’t stopped producing.

Half of the iconic duo, Thomas Bangalter recently lent his musical talents to the film Riga (Take 1)’s original soundtrack — and now we get to hear part of the masterpiece. In an upload from Ed Banger Records, the label shares a cut of a track called “Riga (Take 5)” and its pure acidy techno bliss.

The 2017 French feature film isn’t easy to come across and the soundtrack is even more rare. This unreleased vinyl described as “mental techno recorded in a single take” has been heard by just a fraction of Daft Punk’s vast fanbase. Not for long though, as “Riga (Take 5)” is making waves on the internet, including r/DaftPunk.

The description of the content reads as follows:

THOMAS BANGALTER – Riga (Take 5) »
14’41’’ of mental techno recorded in a single take.
Taken from Riga (Take 1) original soundtrack
Limited edition one sided 12’’ 
Made in Latvia
not an #edbanger release

Shoutout Ed Banger Records for letting fans in on a glimpse of this rare release!

Thomas Bangalter – “Riga (Take 5)”