Paris & Simo have a powerful past with songs of massive magnitude in the electronic dance music community. Their collaboration with 3LAU, “Escape,” was significant enough to jumpstart the duo into almost a decade of maintained success. These guys have toured around the world and by no means are they showing signs of slowing down any time soon.

They find themselves today in a hyper-competitive society of like-wise artists. During multiple conversations with them I have come to realize that in order to have longevity in an industry like this, it’s crucial to do what you love. Music can quickly become work if you don’t have the right mentality and these two truly have it figured out.

Today we excitedly announce that Paris & Simo are re-emerging as the new alias name Prince Paris. Prince Paris are still a duo but they have lain a new infrastructure which works much better for them. Simo has become less interested in frequently traveling and recently just got married which explains why he wants to focus more on the production for Prince Paris. At the same time, Paris is a young man who has a brilliant energy for playing shows and traveling often.

These two are a special duo not just because of their previous accomplishments. They have always stayed on the top of music trends while meeting the multi-show curricula that they were supposed to deliver. Today also marks the announcement of Prince Paris’s debut single on Tipsy Records coming out the 26th of October. If you are familiar with the pop songs that Tipsy has been releasing then you can expect a surprise of a single from these notorious artists. “My Position” features vocals from Swedish Idol singer Amanda Fondell who leaves a lasting impression with her amazing vocal performance.

Paris and Simo both would like to share some reassuring words with their fans regarding this new transition.

“From the time we started back in 2011, all the way to today, we have gotten the opportunity to have so many life changing experiences and our journey as Paris & Simo has been special to us throughout all the ups and downs. We are always continuously striving to improve the way we work and evolve our creative process. In light of that, and after much careful thought, we have decided to take Paris & Simo in a new direction. We have always had different strengths and focuses when it comes to how we work and express our creativity, and this change will reflect that. Simo will be stepping out of the limelight and will no longer be touring, allowing him to focus more on his passion for creating music and continuing to work on the project from the studio. Meanwhile, Paris will be taking over as the face of the project, focusing more of his energies on touring and music production. We needed to shift gears to deliver the best music we possibly can and create more effectively. We are still a team and Paris & Simo will always be forever.”

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