Like in 2016, Martin Garrix is dropping a track a day during this year’s Amsterdam Dance Event. Whereas 2016 saw seven new tracks, this year sees only five; however, don’t confuse quantity with quality. With plenty of tracks to look forward to this week, we’re still on the edge of our seats.

The first track to surface is Martin’s collaboration with Blinders, “Breach (Walk Alone).” It seems that each track will be coming with its own music video, just as last year’s EP came with timelapse videos of the unique track arts being created in real-time.

The pulsating song is accompanied by dark, A Scanner Darkly-esque visuals that feature Garrix along with a number of unidentified individuals in what seems to be a drug-fueled nightclub experience. Our “main character,” or as close to “main” as you can surmise in this nightmare video, spends his time exploring his surroundings and entering the VR world that the others find themselves in.

The song is a wonderful addition to Garrix’s repertoire and the video is a brilliant visual accompaniment to it. While there are still plenty of tracks still to come, begin your week with this hit below.


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