Following a brief slip up on Saturday wherein the mix was released early on Spotify, Nightmare On Rezz Street is now officially out! The mix was touted as a collection of unreleased, original music that Rezz had made in the past and was never released for whatever reason.

“Just want to make clear that this mix is a combo of stuff I made years ago + also newer stuff,” Rezz explains. “It’s music that was sitting around on my computer & I wanted fans to hear either way because I always wonder what my favourite artists never released.”

The 32-minute mix is also accompanied by a full audio/visual mix based on the contributions of a number of artists who all worked tirelessly to make this come to fruition. Rezz says, “I mean it when I say myself & my entire visuals team lost countless nights of sleep over this visual/audio mix but it is so worth it being able to give people this project as a gift for Halloween.”

Finally, and perhaps best of all, the mix is available as a free download here. The full list of visual artists who worked on the video is available in the video description, but you can watch and listen to the full mix below.