The Los Angeles based 40oz Cult bass music collective has been making a huge name for itself with its diverse cast of artists and music that represent the homegrown bass brand. Headed by dubstep mastermind Tanner Chung, aka Dack Janiels, 40oz has gone from obscure skater-bass music outlet to well known artist collective with showcases all across the country.

The latest from 40oz Cult comes from Texas based dubstep producer Cromatik. Already having releases on massive bass labels like Black Label: NSD and DPMO, Cromatik is well on his way to becoming a regular name in the bass community. His lends his sound to the 40oz Cult in the form of his Dead Space EP, showcasing the darker undertones capable in dubstep.

With glitched out computer laced sounds and echoey basses in tracks such as “Malware” and the title track of the EP “Dead Space,” Cromatik definitely does something different with his productions.