The midterm elections in the US are coming up shortly, on November 6. Voter turnout for the 18-25 age group has been historically low, but is an incredibly powerful demographic to reach. To that end, social media platform Snapchat has been actively pushing to register new voters.

In a report on Tuesday, Snapchat revealed that it has aided in the registration of approximately 418,000 new voters, most of whom fall within that terribly important age bracket.

“There is no more powerful form of self-expression than the ability to vote,” said Jennifer Stout, global head of public policy at Snap. “The numbers we’ve seen have been fantastic and have shown us that our users have been some of the most engaged communities out there.”

The voter registration was done in partnership with, a website that “makes voting easy,” as it claims on its landing page.

According to The New York Times, of those who registered through Snapchat, 79,148 registered in Texas, 29,044 in Florida, 22,649 in Georgia and 17,994 in Ohio. All these states have competitive races.

As mentioned previously, young voters have had historically bad turnout, especially during midterm elections. However, these days, that same age group is apparently more engaged than ever before, especially on social media where hashtags can stir up action and change.


H/T Verge