Days after Instagram announced added integration into its stories with SoundCloud (after already integrating with Spotify), Instagram parent company Facebook is now doing the same with its own stories, as well as adding a music section to users’ profiles.

The integration is meant to flex Facebook’s recent partnership with the three major labels, Sony, Warner, and Universal, as a way to grow its musical footprint.

Adding music to your user profile is a lot like choosing a specific song to play on your MySpace page so many years ago. Users must manually choose which song to feature on their profile at any given time, as there’s currently no support for “currently playing” functionality with any streaming service.

The second update involves adding music stickers to Facebook Stories, which works in exactly the same way that it does for Instagram which added the functionality back in June: search for songs, pick out the part you want to share, and add the sticker with the artist and song name.

Finally, Facebook is looking to compete against Tik Tok with Lip Sync Live, which it is expanding to Pages. Verge notes this would be of most use to artists as they promote recent singles.

As teenage use of Facebook wanes, hopefully these new integrations will help keep some of the younger generation engaged and logging in.


via Verge