Dillon Francis always has something up his sleeve — and next year he has something really big planned.

Our tipoff comes thanks to a fan on Twitter, who inquired about why his annual IDGAFOS show at the Shrine in Los Angeles doesn’t seem to be happening this time around. With this new wave of music Wut Wut has brought about, it seems like that show would be a no-brainer. But, as Dillon just revealed, he has something “bigger and better” planned for next year.

The hashtag almost gives it away — #idgafosWeekend. It sounds like he’s telling us there will be not just one, but two days to celebrate in true IDGAFOS fashion. Whether he’s hosting a two-day run at another venue, or a full-fledged music festival, we have no idea. However, we’re taking Dillon’s word for it that this will be “bigger and better” than what fans have experienced since 2014.

Keep your eyes peeled for a huge announcement.

Dillon Francis IDGAFOS Weekend


Photo via Rukes.com