Elderly people in East London are partying it up, thanks to The Posh Club. It’s described as an “outrageous weekly cabaret-style party.” But unlike most clubs, which are 18+ or 21+ in England — this one is exclusively for those 60+.

“We’re the only club event in the world where someone was rushed to the hospital because they forgot to take their drugs,” producer Dicky Eaton told VICE. That actually happened. The publication sent a reporter to live it up with these party animals and experience The Posh Club firsthand.

Live music, champagne, and lots of fun is served up on the weekly for just $5 per person. The parties commonly start off with afternoon tea and end with flappers and bubbly. A lot of bang for five bucks!

The Posh Club, however, is much more than just a party. It combats loneliness and builds friendships in the elderly community.

“One of the biggest challenges we face is the isolation of older people,” Eaton told VICE. “The Posh Club tackles that superbly. It gives its guests everything that is needed for human contentment: connection, laughter, and physical activity. The implications it has on improving health and well-being are extraordinary.”

He also insisted, “If there was a Posh Club in every town in the UK, I’m certain the numbers of elderly on doctor’s waiting lists would go down hugely. It is a wonderful thing.”


Source: VICE | Photo: Chris Bethell