Halloween isn’t officially until next week, but you can already get in the spooky spirit with a new release from Mark The Beast out on Circus Records tomorrow.

Mark has consistently been one of my favorite bass artists for his left of center sound design and wild DJ sets, but “The Ghost” is wild, even by Mark’s standards. It’s hard to even call this dubstep with the crazy sound design and arrangement. The tempo is far faster than typical dubstep thanks to the subtle drum fills, but that iconic kick/snare arrangement is still present, so technically…

That being said, the synths are sufficiently spooky to embody that Halloween spirit all while pushing a creative sound that only grows in intensity from the moment it begins. The rising, high-pitched synth is sure to make listeners’ hairs stand on end; the lead synth works wonderfully right alongside it to cultivate a horror-filled atmosphere that takes you into the depths of the underworld.

Check out “The Ghost” below, and listen to the other song from the 2-track EP, “Destiny,” when it officially drops tomorrow.