Swedish DJ/producer duo CAZZETTE have been a hot commodity ever since the release of their massive singles like “Beam Me Up” and “Sleepless.” To this day, they’ve consistently put out new material and toured the globe, remaining one of the more respected acts in the industry.

CAZZETTE are excited to announce the release of their new EP Stereo Mono via PRMD Music which came out on October 12th. I had the chance to catch up with the touring member of CAZZETTE, Alexander Bjorklund. Despite his busy touring schedule, Alex really enjoys finding time to do interviews to update his fans on what they have been up too. Check out our interview with Alex of CAZZETTE below.

Where did it all begin for you?

“My Dad and I were always into music. I didn’t play any instruments but we really enjoyed listening to songs. I began djing at a young age and met Sebastian on tour in 2010. Since then we have been living the dream.”

Whats your favorite part of being a dj? Shows? Making music? 

“It’s hard to explain. There’s no greater feeling in the world than seeing my music react with the people that come to see me play. When you create something that people genuinely enjoy, that’s a lot of what keeps me motivated.”

You’ve released Stereo Mono via PRMD. Tell me about your new EP.

“It has a sound that I’ve missed playing live. “Stereo Mono” has also been about Sebastian and me coming in unison with my vision and excluding a lot of genre choices that we have experimented with, such as; Trap and ballads. This new EP sets a high energy and new direction for Cazzette, reconnecting with House Music that I love. It is also a statement to narrow in my sound and staying within one genre- creativity is often about limiting yourself. I wish to connect with fans through “Stereo Mono” and to keep inspiring people.”

Tell us a little bit about the songwriting process, when you are making tracks.

“Lately we have been creating instrumentals around top line vocals rather than the other way around. Sort of like a remix. Although I miss the days when we would have instrumentals first, play them live for a while and then record vocals later. It’s one of the most efficient way to collaborate.”

How has it been working with PRMD and how involved do you get?

“The label has been really great in providing a platform for us to release our music. Since I’m busy playing shows, making music, etc, I try to stay minimally involved on the label work. It’s a better structure for me to have a solid team working on the different aspects that are involved.”

What’s it like being such a familiar DJ name? 

“Haha, People aren’t usually coming to us autographs. It’s funny because we don’t usually think of it like that. There’s a lot of talented artists out there and we consider ourselves largely in the mix. We just want to keep making music that we like and hopefully people will enjoy it like usual. We’d love to have another hit or two in the near future!”

What’s left on your to do list since you are already so accomplished? 

“We are incredibly grateful for all of the achievements that we have so far. For us it’s all about playing in front of people and making good music in the most comfortable way. We just want to keep creating and performing.”

Be sure to check out Cazzette’s new EP “Stereo Mono” on Spotify below and follow him on social medias to stay updated on what they have coming in the near future!