Just recently, Skrillex testified in court for a case against him that dates back to a 2012 stage dive. The plaintiff alleged she was hurt during the incident, and suffered a stroke days later. But, she also just “downplayed” newly surfaced video footage, which showed her smiling after the DJ/producer’s notorious dive into the crowd.

Jennifer Fraissl revealed to the Los Angeles Superior Court jury that she wasn’t a willing participant during the stage dive stunt. Often times in tears, she opened up on Wednesday about why she put on a happy face in the video that came into evidence.

“I was trying to enjoy the show,” Fraissl said. “How was I to know a significant event was about to happen to me?”

On Feb. 11, 2012 — 16 days after — the plaintiff allegedly suffered a stroke. Dr. Stephen Hetts testified on her behalf, describing her case as an “ischemic stroke,” which tends to happen when arteries to the brain are restricted, severely disrupting blood flow.

Dr. Hetts said it was “unusual” for someone of the plaintiff’s age, then 24-years-old, to suffer a stroke.

The trial is ongoing.

Skrillex 2012 Stage Dive


Source: My LA News | Photo via Rukes.com