Imagine a world where the party never stops. It could be a dream, but more likely a nightmare. The new indie film, Come Down explores this possibility with a sci-fi dystopian world, where people are forced to rave.

In Come Down, the only thing illegal is to turn down the music. Ear plugs and headphones are banned by authoritarian leadership, and you are forced to listen to the pounding techno coming through the speakers. The concept sounds insane — and the film matches that crazy with edgy cuts and dark imagery.

Come Down is fueled by “amphetamines and constant trance music” on a constant, endless loop. Might be fun for a hot minute, but we have a feeling this film is about to go off the deep end. That is, if the creators are ever able to finish it.

In order to complete VFX, musical composition and other post-production essentials, the makers of Come Down have started an IndieGoGo campaign to fund the final touches. More info here.

Watch the trailer below…

Come Down