At only 19 years old, Whethan has had a more eventful life than most. He’s been named on Billboard’s annual 21 Under 21 list, collaborated with Tom Morello and Portugal. The Man, a track performed live on Jimmy Kimmel, as well as Dua Lipa and Charli XCX. And let’s not forget when he nearly broke the internet earlier this year at Coachella when he brought Yodel Boy out on stage.

Now, Whethan is ending the year with Life of a Wallflower Vol. 1, which could either be another EP or his debut album depending on who you ask. Spanning 8 tracks, the project features a number of high profile collaborations on top of the ones he’s already put out: HONNE, Bipolar Sunshine, Mascolo, Oh Wonder, and Broods.

Overall, LOAW has a consistent flavor that is high-energy and punchy while still embodying a sort of unexpected maturity you might not generally see from a 19-year-old. It varies between higher and lower tempos, giving the work a great deal of diversity and making sure you never get bored. “Good Nights” is arguably his biggest song ever, pulling 46 million streams on Spotify along. Its placement in the middle of the project is no accident.

“Together” and “Superlove” with Oh Wonder follow it, but LOAW finishes on a particularly strong note with “Be Like You” featuring Broods and “I Miss You.” The sounds get darker and more rough around the edges, bringing us back to the days of “Savage” with MAX and Flux Pavilion.

If nothing else, Life of a Wallflower just proves Whethan’s versatility as a producer and songwriter. At best, it solidifies his placement atop the rising producers of the modern age and will undoubtedly earn him some higher billing at festivals. Though he just wrapped up his last tour in October, you can certainly expect him to hit the road again early in 2019.

Check out Life of a Wallflower Vol. 1 below.


Photo via Oh Dag Yo Photography