Coming from someone who’s listened to dubstep for years, the current trend of riddim and atonal bass lines without melody can become a bit tiresome. While some gems exist, the overall coveted creativity of Subscape, Roksonix, even older Flux Pavilion, has waned. Still, there are elements of the old guard that persist; for instance, the bass growl.

Nato Feelz is bringing the growl to the forefront on his new track “Drop Back,” which centers around the snarl. It’s pretty damn bouncy for a dubstep tune, meaning that maybe instead of headbanging so much, you’ll be using more of your shoulders and hips.

Even then, it’s still an absolutely savage tune. It opens up with a sort of horror-inspired synth melody, only compounded by the powerful bass notes that reverberated, distorted, from your speakers. By the time the drop hits, your hairs should be standing on end.

Check out “Drop Back” by Nato Feelz below!