What So Not released his debut album Not All The Beautiful Things earlier this year, including collaborations with Skrillex and Toto. At the time, it was one of the best albums out in 2018, but the year was still early. As it’s gone on, plenty of other producers have put their hats (and albums) into the ring and March seems like a distant memory. With that being said, What So Not has just shared the official remix album for his debut, and the quality is simply staggering.

Even with multiple songs repeated in the remixes, it still feels like a progressive and cohesive album. A lot of that – most of that – has to do with the talented producers he tapped for the remixes: Kidswaste, Signal, Luttrell, ESKEI83, 12th Planet, AC Slater, Yvng Jalapeno, Champagne Drip, Graves, Daktyl, and MaRLo. Through these eleven remixes, you truly get a taste for everything and anything.

It would have been nice to see a remix for the Toto collaboration “We Keep On Running.” In fact, it would have been nice if more than four tracks from the 12-track album were remixed. But c’est la vie. It still came out brilliant.

Standouts on the album, if it’s even possible to really narrow them down, would have to be Signal’s remix of “Goh”; Luttrell’s remix of “Stuck In Orbit,” which is impossibly beautiful; 12th Planet’s remix of “If You Only Knew,” an unexpected twist on dubstep from the man who’s been focusing so heavily on riddim lately; and Champagne Drip’s future bass remix of “Goh,” which is honestly far more bass than future.

Though we chose to highlight these specific remixes, the entire album is well worth a listen. Check it all out below!


Photo via Rukes.com