Illegal raves are on the rise in the UK.

According to a new report, underground events are up 9% from the previous year. With more than 680 reports of “unlicensed music events,” the parties are thriving — but there must be even more than officials are aware of.

The resurgence of raves are reportedly a “growing problem,” as more and more nightclubs are shutting down. Sure, they can be fun for revelers, but the National Police Chiefs’ Council (NPCC) has major concerns. Many of these parties are deemed “inherently unsafe” for attendees.

Chief constable Ben-Julian Harrington of the NPCC explains to Sky News:

“It is clear that unlicensed music events are a growing problem and they pose a real challenge to communities and police forces.

“Unlike licensed events, unlicensed music events are inherently unsafe. They lack safety provisions such as stewarding, security, fire regulation and medical support while regularly attracting a large number of people who cause damage and disturbance.

“Forces must balance the nuisance or damage caused with the overall safety of the local community, those attending and the police officers or other agencies who may need to respond.”

There will always be illegal parties, but for now officials are keeping a most watchful eye on this trend in the UK.


Source: Sky News