The New York songstress Emergency Tiara is back from a US tour armed with her new single. Dropping tomorrow is ‘Karaoke Party,’ and we have the premiere of its official video today.

There is a retro vibe to this pop cut, and it evokes fun and feelgood charm from start to finish. The video perfectly complements the singalong, infectious energy of the track and its sweet pastel palette and subtitles transport you straight into a karaoke bar.

She says of her newest release: “Growing up in Japan, karaoke was always a huge part of my life! Whenever we celebrate birthdays, graduations, finals, and more, we go to karaoke! It is definitely one of my favourite ways to hang out and get to know new and old friends! And through ‘Karaoke Party’ I would love to get to know every single one of you too!”

Check out the video to ‘Karaoke Party’ below.