Gesaffelstein is back.

We’ll say it again…

Gesaffelstein is back.

The lauded dark prince of techno, the French purveyor of indecent thoughts, is out now with a new song called “Reset” on Columbia Records. And better yet, it comes with an official music video.

“Reset” the song is a dark and brooding, minimalistic house tune that rolls along without too many eccentricities nor embellishments. It simply is what it is. The video, on the other hand, is a little harder to decipher. It features actors as lookalikes for popular current rappers, like an obvious Tekashi 6ix9ine stand-in, and perhaps a less obvious Lil Peep doppelgänger. (Fun fact: it’s the same actor.)

At this point, Gesaffelstein could put out a cover of John Cage’s “4’33” and the world would go nuts. Of course, we’re happy that it’s something more than that…

Listen to “Reset” below.