Alex Lustig has had quite the year so far. He started out strong with “In The End,” with Akacia before linking up with Ayelle for “If You Wanna” and “Budy” while also dropping numerous solo singles like “Glow” and “Free Form” along the way.

Now he’s ready for a larger body of work which comes as the third iteration of his mix series Wave. Here’s what he had to say about the latest offering, Wave003.

“The wave series is a form of relaxation for me and my mind. After suffering from anxiety, panic attacks and depersonalisation for years, the ambient sounds always calmed me down and helped me get through it all. A glowing mind represents my mind when it was 17 before my first panic attack and the start of it all. It represents this young beautiful, creative, overthinking mind that got corrupted, and now is slowly coming back with time and experience of the side effects of anxiety. Wave003 is the intro to my upcoming project (2019) which will go deeper into the psychosis.”