As a blogger, I get send plenty of music early, including Deadbeat’s new compilation album coming out tomorrow. I can tell you right now that the 12 tracks are as glorious as you’ve probably dreamed, but one track in particular caught my attention and made me think, “I have to premiere this.”

That track was “Lithos” by Australian artist SIPPY, which just so happens to be her debut original.

In my opinion, the best tracks are ones that have a lot of call and response, a juxtaposition to present to listeners and defy expectations. “Lithos” begins with a sort of ancient chanting and melody, a soft and accessible beginning. It lures you in. Soon enough, though, you’re hit with the vox synths and an ominous looping bass that signifies something more sinister.

The drop hits with the force of a sack of bricks to your chest – it’s simple in design but it gets the job done. It’s heavy and absolutely unforgiving. The second drop improves upon the first, trading in the staccato stabs for more connected bass sweeps.

We Are Deadbeats, Vol 3 is officially out tomorrow, but listen to “Lithos” by SIPPY right now below! Pre-save We Are Deadbeats Vol 3 here.