Today, Dutch duo DROELOE are rounding out their two-part tastemaking series, which kicked off last month with their Sem collab, “Facing The Sea.” L0ng time admirers of Fytch, DROELOE has now teamed up with the innovative French bass producer on new single “Through The Storm.”

As usual when Fytch is on a track, his vocals shine brightly in that lustrous and unique fashion. The same could be said of the drop, which combines DROELOE’s aesthetic with Fytch’s crunchy and heavily modulated bass synths for a fantastic effect.

And though not usually emphasized in EDM productions, the lyrics are just as poignant as the vocals are hypnotic.

As Fytch explains, “‘Through The Storm’ is an Oath…a promise to always be a light when the storms of life obscure the view of the shoreline. Sometimes all that you need is one person to promise to keep shining a light. This can be the difference between making it to shore safely or being dashed on the edges of a rocky coast.”

Listen to “Through The Storm” below and check out the A-side “Facing the Sea” with Sem here.