Mac Miller unexpectedly passed away nearly three months ago, but his music lives on. While fans are still in shock over his tragic death, a posthumous double-release from the hip hop icon has released via Spotify.

Miller previously recorded two songs exclusively for the music streaming platform. The first is a live version of “Dunno,” a cut from his 2018 album Swimming. The other, a cover of Billy Preston hit “Nothing From Nothing” from 1974. The whole focus of Spotify’s Singles series is designed around the era of 45s and traditional singles, hence the throwback track.

Just this year, Spotify’s Singles series hit a milestone with over 1 billion streams. A rep commented on the massive achievement of original content in saying, “Recording these tracks also opens up the opportunity for artists from across genres to join us in our uniquely inspiring Studio to record a new take on one of their top songs, as well as a cover by their own favorite musician or group.”

Mac Miller, an artist known for racking up streaming numbers of his own, will undoubtedly make some serious waves with the next two tracks. Listen to some of his final works of art right here. RIP.

Mac Miller – Spotify Singles