Tomorrowland 2012 took place July 27-29,- 2012 and drew in 185,000 people from over 75 countries around the world. Why are we talking about Tomorrowland 2012? Because the theme for next year’s Tomorrowland was just revealed, and we’re revisiting an old favorite…

The Book Of Wisdom returns in 2019 to celebrate the festival’s 15th anniversary in Boom, Belgium. The 2012 aftermovie is the most-viewed on Tomorrowland’s account, having been watched over 153 million times. The wide open book on main stage, the wonder and infinite possibilities of having a book at your fingertips, it certainly does inspire imagination.

Next year, July 19th-21st and July 26th-28th, 400,000 people will experience the land of Tomorrow.

Important ticket information:

Create a Tomorrowland Account

  • In order to be able to participate in the ticket sales, it is important that you sign in or create your personal Tomorrowland account. You can do this from December 15th , 6h15 PDT via Without that registration, you will not be able to buy any tickets on the sale dates. What’s more, it’s very important for each ticket to be personalized afterwards. The Tomorrowland wristbands will be sent to the festival goers in a very special Treasure Case.

Save the Dates of the Ticket Sales

  • Starting from January 19th (8h00 PDT), the Global Journey formulas will go on sale. The Global Journey Travel Packages are the easiest way to get to Tomorrowland at the same time as enjoying a comfortable trip together with other visitors. The packages offer an all-in experience: flight, train or bus, accommodation and a Full Madness Pass for Tomorrowland.
  • Tickets for Tomorrowland and DreamVille will be made available for sale on 26th of January (8h00 PDT) and the rest of the tickets will be sold on 2nd of February (8h00 PDT)


  • The line-up of Tomorrowland will be announced soon on the Tomorrowland website and socials.