As of today, Jauz is officially off the market. There are lots of sharks in this crazy sea, but the superstar DJ/producer has found his match with longtime significant other, Joann Walker.

They have both been keeping the getaway ceremony on the down low, but just yesterday Jauz took to Twitter to share the amazing news. “Welp, I’ve been quiet about it for as long as I could but at this time tomorrow Joann and myself will be celebrating with our family at our WEDDING!!!!!!”

“Can’t fucking wait to spend the next few days celebrating with you my love,” he added.

Joann expresseed her own excitement, “…my birthday and wedding and honeymoon and New Years and Christmas are all in the next month hahaha this is going to be the best month of my fkng lifeeee.” D’awww!

The ceremony is set to take place in Hawaii today and we can’t wait to see the photos. Congrats to the newlyweds!

Jauz Is Getting Married


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