Illenium has, by all definitions, become one of dance music’s biggest artists in 2018. Earlier this year, as one of his biggest moments, he headlined Red Rocks for the beginning of his Awake 2.0 tour, packing out the amphitheater as much as possible.

As part of his “Ignite” video series, Illenium recaps the experience from rehearsal to show time, narrating along the way about trials and tribulations, butterflies in his stomach, and working 12 hour days for two weeks. Though the video only lasts four minutes, the production and music direction give it the suspense of a much longer visual experience.

All of his counterparts make appearances in the video: Day, Said The Sky, Dabin, KJ Sawka, Mitis, and all the team members involved on the backend as well. Watch it all below, along with a VIP of “Take You Down” that is absolutely insane.


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