In an age when major labels matter less, artists have the freedom to push their music in new and exciting ways. Sometimes this means collaborating directly with fans on samples, sometimes it means announcing a remix one week and releasing it the next.

In the case of the latter, we have Drezo, but even more extreme. He just announced he had a remix of Gesaffelstein’s “Aleph” on Sunday, and it’s out today. The extended mix is over six minutes of dark, brooding techno and house, something we feel Gesaffelstein himself would appreciate.

While “Pursuit” and “Hellifornia” are undoubtedly the stars of Gesaffelstein’s first and only albumĀ Aleph, Drezo chose to take on “Aleph.” The former two are more heavy electro tracks on the album, but “Aleph” is dark and brooding and relies more heavily on its hypnotic guitar chords to create tension and atmosphere. In Drezo’s remix, he puts more of an electro spin on it, but keeps the darkness intact.

It’s a great remix in keeping with Gesaffelstein’s aesthetic while injecting his own flair into the mix. Check out Drezo’s remix of “Aleph” below.


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